Post #1


Hey guys, thank you for reading my first blog.


In this post I am gonna talk about the time I had a really challenging nail design that a client wanted. She had this idea in her mind about how she wanted water inside of her nails. It was really challenging since it has to be done really carefully, the person has to know how to place the nail in the right place. The water cannot touch the nailbed since if it does the nail could get fungus.

I had to be really careful with all of this, it was really challenging. Even though I’ve been doing nails for 25  years, this is one of the hardest nail designs I’ve had. But i did it! I persisted and didn’t let stress get the best of me, the client was very happy!.




Blog #2


Hey Guys! I’d like you guys to see one of my Instagram posts about of my favorite nails. Please feel free to check it out.

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